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Silenced compressors


  • The silenced compressors
 with the lowest noise level available in the category!
  • Available 
in versions without tanks or with 270 and 500 litre, highly compact
 to take up as little space as possible.

Made to solve the problem of noise in the work place, these compressors stand out in the market for having the lowest noise level in the category: this noise reduction was achieved by enclosing the machine in a soundproof cabinet with special sound absorbing panels, taking care of ventilation and, on some models, using special intake silencers.
The combination of high quality material and maximum care in assembly of the machine ensure excellent performance and long life.

Main features:

- low noise emission;

- forced ventilation;
integrated control panel;

- star-delta starter run by electronic card;
- pump unit with cast iron cylinder for long life;
- finned aftercooler for cooling the air;
- easy access to internal mechanical and electrical parts.


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