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DBS 4 - 5.5 kW

Oil injection rotary screw compressors, easy to use, with belt transmission and power values from 4 to 5.5 kW. Available with various set-ups, with direct or star-delta starter and “Premium Efficiency” IE3 electric motors and ETMII electronic controller.
All models are fitted with a phase sequence relay that prevents changes in the direction of rotation of the screw unit that may cause damage.


  • Poly-V belt transmission.
  • Compact and modular design.
  • Versions: floor-mounted, tank-mounted, with or without dryer.
  • ETMII electronic controller.
  • “Premium Efficiency” IE3 electric motor.
  • Max pressure: 8-10-13 bar.
  • FS14 air-end.
  • All the internal components are easily accessible for routine maintenance operations.

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