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DBS 45 - 55 kW

Oil injection rotary screw compressors, with belt transmission and power values from 45 to 55 kW.
These compressors are extremely efficiency thanks to the low rotating speed of the pumping unit and their “Premium Efficiency” IE3 motors.
The machines featuring the ETIV electronic controller, can be fitted with the "SMS Device" remote control system for the compressor via the internet.

The superior components selection and the compact internal layout make this range of compressors stand out in terms of high performances and minimum footprint.
The cooling air flow, channeled by the thermostatic controlled axial fan, cools down an oversized combined oil/air heat exchanger: this let the compressor run in severe temperature conditions.
The ventilation circuit is completed by a cabinet prefiltering panel (standard on every model) that separates the incoming dusts and it keeps clean the inside of the machine.
Wide front and rear access panels allow easy maintenance and immediate check of all main components, reducing time of inspection and maintenance.


    • Poly-V belt transmission.
    • Extremely compact design.
    • Only available in the floor-mounted version.
    • ETIV electronic controller.
    • “Premium Efficiency” IE3 electric motor.
    • Max pressure: 7.5-10-13 bar.
    • FS130 air-end.
    • Designed for heavy-duty use.
    • Easy maintenance.

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