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DARI offers a complete range of belt-driven rotary screw compressors, fix or variable speed, to satisfy every compressed air need,
 from small scale companies to big industries.
The range of DARI screw compressors is designed for industrial applications and offered with different power or technical set-up, depending on the customer’s specific demands.
 All models in the range have the following benefits in common, which are typical of DARI screw technology:
- High volumetric yield: the free air delivered from our hi-efficiency air-ends contributes to lower energy consumption and therefore significant savings.

- Reliability: the low speed of the air-end guarantees minimal wear and long durability.
- Optimal monitoring and control: the advanced controllers fitted to the DBS range have been specifically developed to guarantee optimum monitoring and regulation of the compressors operation, allowing flexibility and full programming of the complete compressed air station for maximum efficiency and safety.

- Suitable for intense and non-stop operation: 24hrs without performance drop.
- Low installation cost: the versions fitted with tank and dryer are ready for use, with no added cost of installation.
- Low noise levels: this means the operator can install the compressor near the workstation.
- Compact design means reduced dimensions
- Easy maintenance: the DARI rotary screw compressors are built with special attention to facilitate the routine maintenance and accessibility of the internal components.
- “IE3 Premium Efficiency” motors: combined with our high performance air-ends, minimize the energy costs. Furthermore, the IE3 motors reduce CO2 emissions: an important contribution to protecting the environment.

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